Off to Alaska

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Tick… Tock…

The days are starting to pass quicker and quicker. I have SO many things coming up that my head is starting to spin. We leave for Alaska in 4 days! That’s… Tuesday night. I’ve always wanted to go but I never really thought I’d ever have the chance! I’m going to visit my aunt who lives just outside Anchorage. I’m going with my mom and dad, and my grandma and grandpa!

It’s about 6 hours to Seattle and then another 5 or so to Anchorage. If I’m being honest, I’m a little nervous about being on a plane that long. I’m going to go stir crazy! The longest I’ve ever been on a plane is 3 and a half hours, so this will be a challenge. Not that I’m complaining… first world problems, right? Luckily for me it’s at night, so hopefully I’ll just be able to fall asleep; although I’ve never once been able to sleep on a plane. We leave Tampa at 5pm and arrive in Alaska around midnight (which will be more like 4am for us).

I was looking up ways to kill time on an airplane. Aside from the typical music and headphones, I think I’m going to buy an audiobook that I can listen to. I also plan on bringing my trusty ZzzQuil with me (travel size of course!)

Let the Fun Begin

Once we get there I’m not sure if we really have a list of things to do. I know my mom rented this cute little house on the side of a mountain. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to go on any hikes due to the fact that I really don’t know anything about the weather up there. I would really love to go on a glacier tour. My dad wants to pan for gold LOL. It’ll be nice just to hang out though. I can’t wait to see all of the incredible views! I looked at the temperatures and it said on average, it’ll be in the 50’s. I think the trip there will be stressful but it will be well worth it once we get there! 

Back to Reality

I’ve put packing the apartment on hold until I get home, but then I’ll really have to kick it into gear! I’ll be home by the 7th and we have to move all of our stuff into the POD on the 15th-16th. Mike leaves for Iceland with his best friend on September 22nd. I won’t seem him again until my parents and I get to Denver on October 9th *sad face*… On a side note: we just bought a Jeep Wrangler last weekend. Scout will ride to Colorado in that. I can’t wait to take it into the Rockies! My last day at work is the 29th and then we leave for our drive to Colorado on October 7th! Time is tick, tick, ticking away and I’m trying to embrace every minute of it!

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