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Do you guys watch those reality weight loss shows, like The Biggest Loser or My 600 lb. Life? Well, I do. I love them. I’ve always been drawn to them. It’s interesting to me to not only observe the physical struggle/change/success or failure but also the mental one. Your mental state can determine your success or failure. Some of those people have had a rough life, and I can’t say that I know what they’ve been through. Sometimes, I have mixed feelings about the way that these shows do things though.

The Biggest Loser for instance, great show, has helped lots of people. However, I’ve often wondered how it affects people that are watching it that are in similar shape to the show’s contestants. First, someone that is 500 pounds watching that show, is going to think that it’s absolutely absurd how people their size are being thrown onto the treadmill at maxed out speed and incline. It could go 1 of 2 ways. The first reaction could be, “Wow! If that person can do it then I can too! Maybe I should try!” Hang on a minute, let me bring you back down to reality … Ok, there we are. The more likely scenario is “OH my GAWD. There’s no way. I’ll never be able to do that. Where are the donut holes?” Alright, maybe that was a bit extreme.

People that have never been in a gym begin to believe that, that is the ONLY style of personal training, me screaming in your face until you break down into an all out panic attack and tell me all of your deep rooted emotional issues. NEWS FLASH: I am not your therapist. Really. I mean, if you want to talk to me about things, fine. I’ll listen (as long as you’re completing your set). I’m not here to give you life advice that doesn’t pertain to diet or exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge that mental state plays a role in weight loss, but I’m not going to force it out of you like Jen, Bob and Dolvett. On a side note, I’m also not a physical therapist. I can’t diagnose knee pain, but I can help you strengthen muscles around the knee to help you avoid knee pain 🙂

Most people aren’t 500 pounds. Obviously the more weight you have, the more you’ll lose. The thing that bothers me most about this show is when a contestant “only” loses 5 pounds… AND THE TRAINERS ARE MAD ABOUT IT! “I’m really disappointed with this, Susie. Not good.” What the what?! Susie lost 5 pounds in a week you freaking whacko! And she’s down a total of 150! There are going to be low weeks. Now, I know they’re probably upset because these contestants are on a controlled, strict diet and several hours a day workout regimen. I get that. Mathematically speaking, yes, they should have lost more, but it’s nothing to be disappointed about. What I want to get perfectly straight is that the people watching at home can’t workout 6 hours a day and stay away from all junk food, all the time. They will not have the same huge results as these contestants. It can be discouraging for them to see Dolvett get upset with Susie for 5 pounds. Those of us here in the real world applaud your 5 pounds! Don’t get discouraged. Keep going.  As long as the scale is heading in the right direction, consider it a win. On a side note, I HATE that this show makes the average viewer believe the scale is the end all. I like to measure progress in how you feel, how your clothes are fitting, inches gained/lost or even body fat percentage. As the show goes on, some of these guys drop literally hundreds of pounds and begin to put on muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. The scale doesn’t account for that. Not cool man.

How about My 600 Pound Life. Those people interest me the most. It’s like all they want is to lose weight and be “normal”, yet refuse to do anything about it. They want to wait around for someone to help them. “Erin, they’re 600 pounds. They can hardly move. How can they help themselves?” Well first off, STOP EATING SO MUCH. The doctor has said that some of these people have to be eating upwards of 20,000 calories a day to MAINTAIN that weight. TWENTY-THOUSAND. That is 10 Hungry Howie’s Pizzas. TEN. In one day. Back it down! Also, your theory is false. Dr. Nowzardan ALWAYS makes them prove they can control themselves before surgery. You know how? By making them lose 30 to 50 pounds… ON THEIR OWN. So my thoughts are, “Okay, you’ve lost 50 pounds on your own. Why do you need to spend all the money on surgery? Just keep doing what you’re doing. I refuse to accept that surgery is EVER the ONLY option. Stop being lazy.

The last one I want to ramble about is Fit to Fat to Fit. OMG have you guys seen that?! I’d never have the balls to be on that show. Basic rundown is a trainer selects a client that they want to help and commits to gaining like 50 pounds of fat so that they can “better understand” what it’s like to be so out of shape. After the trainer gains the weight, they both try to lose the weight together. CRAZY. These people go from like Greek Gods to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Usually it works out pretty well. All the trainers get back to their starting weight, although they learn what it’s like to suffer from L.O.D. Oh, that’s Love of Donuts. It’s a very serious condition. One thing that I thought was funny was one of the trainers was super into Kale shakes before gaining all the weight. After she had gained it and started working out with her client, she tried to reward her with one of her favorite Kale shakes and hated it when she took the first swig. That goes to show that our taste buds adapt to what we eat. Keep in mind that that can go both ways 😉 You CAN learn to love healthy foods, once you wean your body off the junk. I know, I know, that’s no fun.



Honestly, I started writing this post like 4 weeks ago and can’t remember where the heck I was going with it LOL. I believe it was something to do with why personal trainers shouldn’t be feared.  Key points I want you to hold on to: Don’t believe everything you see on the Biggest Loser. Eat more protein than the Biggest Loser tells you too. If the Biggest Loser advertises it, don’t buy it and don’t eat it. Don’t let all of your hopes and dreams rest on the scale. Focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit, and how strong you have gotten. Every pound, inch and pant size down is a freaking win. Don’t lie to your trainer about “injuries” or what you have or “haven’t” eaten. We’re not stupid. It’s your life, it does not affect me. I’m not going to scream at you, you’re an adult.  I do what I do because I want to help the people that I work with. I LOVE seeing you succeed. I can’t help you if you lie to me or don’t do what I tell you to. I would not tell you to do something that would hurt you. Everything I put you through is to help you. Don’t make excuses. If you messed up, you messed up. Move on, let it go and don’t let it happen again. It’s really that simple. Now drop and give me 20.

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