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Hey guys! Happy September! This is the beginning of my favorite 1/3 of the year!

SOOO I started my new job yesterday! YAY! For those of you that don’t know, I’m officially employed at a gym now 😀 I’m really excited. It’s funny though, because I never would have guessed how much there is to learn about working in a place like that. I’m starting as a member service representative (checking people in, giving tours, signing them up, helping keep the gym clean and tidy, etc.) I also get to wear my trainer shirt already, since I’m certified and technically allowed to help people if they have questions 😉 Everyone is so nice and helpful. Even the members are great! I spent my first day getting a basic rundown of how everything works. I’d feel comfortable saying I was able to soak in about 60-70% of it, but like with any new job, it just takes time to learn everything, so I’m trying not to stress. In the next month or so (after I learn how the gym operates) I’m going to get to start seeing how the personal training works there and eventually get into that 🙂 So, that’s what I’ve been up too this week.

Now, on to this week’s topic… It’s been brought to my attention by a couple of you that it’s been quite a while since I’ve done an actual “fitness” post, SO this is for you, because you’re right. 🙂

While I was cleaning last week, I picked up my spare change jar so I could dust the TV stand off that it had been sitting on. Usually, every few weeks or so, I empty all the change out of my wallet into this jar because it starts to get annoying to carry around. “Wow, that’s pretty heavy,” I said to myself. “I wonder how much is in here…” I set it aside so I could count it later on. “Ehh, it’s probably like 20 bucks or so.”

That night, I turned on the TV and saw the jar sitting there. I poured it out and started counting it by hand. I know they have those Coinstar things at the grocery store, but the machine takes a chunk and I really didn’t want to give any of it up, because I’m stingy and didn’t think there was that much in there. I separated the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies into separate piles. As I counted It went from $5… to $10… to $20… to $30… to $40 and added up to just under 50 dollars! “DAAANG! I had no idea that there was that much money in there!” It seriously didn’t look like that much. It got me thinking… 

When we decide to improve our health, usually we have to make some changes, right? We have to change our eating habits, increase our movement, and really learn to make better choices. Being on a fitness journey is a lot like throwing spare change in a jar. Day by day, we don’t see results, but month by month our jar starts to fill up. We realize how far we’ve come from the few coins that we started with. We start with nothing, but eventually we’ve acquired 25 dollars or have lost 25 pounds.change

My point is, sometimes we can get discouraged because we’re not seeing a difference. That’s no reason to quit putting change in the jar. You’re definitely not going to see a difference if you stop adding to it. Little by little, as you make good choices every day, you WILL see change over time (no pun intended) 😀 Likewise, if there’s a day that you’re heading to the beach and need some change for the meter… it’s okay to take a little out. (I’m referencing a cheat meal here, or rest day). 😉 Taking a day off from putting change in the jar is really not going to hurt your progress. Just throw in a little extra the next day.

That’s my 2 cents for the week (hehehe…)

Until next time…


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