Let the Endorphins Flow

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What’s Missing?

I’ve been in Colorado for almost a month now. Do you want to know how long it’s been since I’ve set foot in a gym? The answer is TOO LONG, or more specifically, 32 days. Why haven’t I joined a gym yet? Well, because I wasn’t sure where my career was going to take me. I didn’t want to lock myself in somewhere. Anyway, after writing the last post where I spilled all of my feelings of isolation and sadness (blech… forgive me), something occurred to me. I miss working out! There is a direct correlation between exercise and happiness. Our bodies produce handy little chemicals called endorphins, something I think I’m severely lacking in right now.

It’s Magic

What’s an endorphin? Endorphins are chemicals that are naturally produced in the human body. It’s a type of “natural pain blocker” having similar effects of morphine. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “runner’s high” or the phrase, “What a rush!” It’s a rush of endorphins that can be brought on by exercise.

*Insert Arnold Voice*

I’m not saying that I haven’t been active. We’ve gone on hikes, I walk the dog a few times a day and I’ve been doing body weight exercises, BUT that’s not the “exercise” that I was used to. (On a side note: I’ve been doing my water jug workout that you can find by clicking right HERE.) I miss the weight training most of all. It makes me a little bit sad to think of the strength I’ve probably lost in just a month. However, I can’t go back in time so, I’m putting finding a gym back at the top of my priority list.


Although my go-to is weight training, any exercise will produce endorphins. The message here is to do what you love, JUST GET ACTIVE. Go to that yoga class, run on the beach, play soccer with your kids or climb a mountain! You will ALWAYS feel better after a workout. That’s what I used to tell my clients when they “just weren’t feeling it”. We’ve ALL been there, and we can ALL acknowledge it always leaves you in a better mood when it’s finished.

Is it Nutritious?

Along with getting active, eating healthy will always make you feel more upbeat. When you stop putting a bunch of processed food in your belly, your body just functions better. I’m not saying you can’t have a cupcake now and then. Trust me, I love me some cupcakes, but try to eat real food as often as possible. You’ll be more alert, and focused.

Nature’s Toaster

Winter is coming in quickly here in Colorado. It’s getting darker earlier and earlier. One more way to make sure you stay upbeat is to try and soak up a little sunlight each day. UV light will also initiate the release of endorphins in your body! I know that a lot of you work in offices for 8+ hours a day so it’s not as easy to see the sun. Go outside on your lunch break. All it takes is 10 minutes with the sunlight on your face to reinvigorate you!

“It’s the Only One You’ve Got.”

It’s hard to be active outside once Winter is upon us, so I challenge you (along with myself) to get into the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you go in the morning, on your lunch break, or after work. JUST GO. Eat right. Your body deserves it and will reward you for doing so. Let the sun wrap it’s arms around you as often as possible (just don’t forget the sunscreen). It’s time to let the endorphins flow!

I lurve ya

Thank you to everyone that reached out to me after the last post. I’m really, truly okay. I just underestimated how hard moving across the country would be. I really appreciate all the love though! Until next time…


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I'm an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I worked in a gym setting back in Florida for over 2 years, training one-on-one clients and leading group fitness classes. I absolutely loved it, but once we moved across the country to Colorado, I decided to take the opportunity to pursue a slightly different career! My obsession with exercise and love for writing collided, which is how I became a fitness lifestyle writer.

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  1. Dad

    November 8, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Great post Erin ! Boy do I need some of those Dorphin things 🙂
    Keep your chin-up sweety….se what I did there ? 🙂
    Love you both !

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