Build a Strong & Sexy Core with this Ab Workout

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Do you have abs? Don’t answer that, it’s a trick question. OF COURSE you have abs. We all do! A common misconception is that in order to “get” abs, you must do a ton of ab exercises. What many, MANY people don’t realize is that they need to get rid of the excess fat that rests above them, in order to reveal them! I’m not saying that ab exercises aren’t important if you have extra fluff on your belly. Building and strengthening those muscles offers many benefits. This Ab workout routine will strengthen and build your entire core.

Performing ab exercises routinely will strengthen your abdominal muscles. You core isn’t just there to make you look good in a swimsuit. Your core stabilizes your spine, supports your organs, plays a huge role in posture and allows you to bend and rotate! The core is the foundation of the body. A weak core can lead to imbalances and injury.

The key to revealing your abs comes down to DIET and Exercise. I know, I know… dieting is hard. It doesn’t have to be! Each body is unique. It requires a certain amount of calories from carbohydrates, fats and protein. If you want to figure out how much your body needs, click HERE. Your “diet” doesn’t HAVE to be boring and bland. IIFYM allows you to lose weight while keeping you from feeling neglected. Getting abs is very simple… eat at a safe yet substantial calorie deficit, drink lots of water and sweat!

Getting abs isn’t 70% diet and 30% exercise. It’s 100% diet and 100% exercise all of the time! Give it your ALL if you want results!

Cardio is great for helping shred excess pounds! Training your abs is the icing on the hypothetical cake. Spending time building those muscles up while burning fat & losing weight will make your core even sexier when it comes time to head to the beach!

This ab workout will hit all of the muscles of your core. This includes your Obliques, Tranverse Abdominus, Rectus Abdominis and even your lower back! Strong is sexy. It will help you live a healthier, happier life!

The Workout

All that you need is a towel, yoga mat or a soft place to lay. The only tool that you need is yourself!

You can complete this routine for as many rounds as you’d like. Each round should take under 5 minutes to complete as you should try to rest as little as possible in-between exercises! Beginners can start with one round. If you’re a little more advanced, you can do this two, three or even four times! You can complete this ab workout multiple times a week, just make sure you’re giving yourself enough rest!

core crusher ab workout

What did you think? How do you feel? If you’re not sore yet, you will be tomorrow! If this seemed difficult for you, it’s okay. It takes time to build strength. Make this workout a regular in your workout routine and I promise you’ll see progress! Consistency is key. Perform this workout for a minimum of 8-12 weeks. You can do this!

If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to ask! I’m here to help!

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