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Catching up on everything I haven’t said… Like everyone else this time of year, I’ve been pretty busy. Well, mostly incapable of doing anything at all this past week because I came down with what felt like the black plague again for the second time in the past 2 months. I never used to get sick, like, ever, and then BAM! twice in such a short amount of time. I racked my brain trying to figure out what it was that caused me to get so sick and I think it came from 2 things.

One, I was on the longest workout streak that I had ever been on, 21 days straight of some sort of exercise! If I wasn’t lifting, I was actually doing cardio (I know, weird right?) If I wasn’t doing cardio I was rock climbing (Ahh Vertical Ventures!). It feels good to move a little each day, it makes me sleep better. I hadn’t had to take ZZZquil at all for 21 days! If you know me well, you know how much I depend on that. I started taking it at night, just so I would pass out and not try to eat any more food… Probably not the best idea. I’ve been told I have a problem to which I respond, “the bottle says non habit forming, GET OFF ME!” Anyway, I know that my body was getting worn out. When we don’t give ourselves rest, our immune function hits rock bottom.

Second, on top of personal training and front desk operations, I work kids club at my gym 2 days a week. I’m there on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. I feel 100% confident saying that the gym that I work in is by far the cleanest gym that exists. With that being said, I’ve come to realize that kids are just… well, dirty. There’s always at least one of them that is sick. I’m a little bit of a hypocrite because it takes a lot for me to call off of work, I have to feel pretty nasty. So, most of the time, I go in and try to tough it out. One of the mom’s dropped her daughter off one day, looked at me and said, “I brought a jacket for her, I thought she might get cold because she has a fever.” At the time, I wasn’t sick yet, and I just stood there staring at her as she walked out of the room. “WHY IS SHE HERE THEN?!” I thought to myself. If you’re kids are sick, let them stay home… please?! I mean, if I could stay home every day that I’m sick I would, but I’m going on like 9 days now, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to take off that long. So, between my weakened immune system and having children literally cough right in my face, it’s no surprise I fell ill. On the brightside, I think my days of coughing up a lung are almost behind me. Also, kids club will officially be gone come the 18th of December as the gym will be expanding it’s workout area. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Other things that have been going on in my life… I’m loving my job. The people are great, both coworkers and members. As each day passes I’m getting more and more comfortable. I love helping people workout. Sometimes I have to pinch myself and wonder if I’m really getting paid to hang out at the gym. It’s satisfying work.

In my personal life, we’ve made a bit more headway with the wedding planning. I can’t remember how much I’ve shared about that with you guys. Mike and I have nailed down a venue, set a date, found a dj, and are pretty sure we’ve found a photographer/ videographer. We’re still trying to find a caterer that fits our wants and needs, but I know that decision needs to be made pretty soon. We’ve also got a lot of the theme and decor stuff handled, thanks to my mom, Mike’s mom Linda and his aunt Sandy. That’s been my favorite part so far. I can’t wait to share the venue with you guys, you’re gonna loooove it!

My birthday is on Friday and I’m going wedding dress shopping for the first time!!! My brother Josh is my man of honor. I didn’t expect him to want to come with, but he said he’s going to. He doesn’t let on that he’s taking his man of honor job very seriously, but secretly I think he loves the title. Lol. I’m excited, but I’m also nervous. I’m worried that I’ll either love them all or hate them all. I think it’ll be fun though. I had lost a few pounds before Thanksgiving in preparation for dress shopping, but I think I’ve put it back on. Oops! I guess that’s what the future dress fittings are for 😉

As Christmas approaches, Mike and I are looking forward to having our own place next year for the holidays. If there’s one thing I can guarantee you it’s this: You know that one house on the street that looks like Clark Griswold live there? Yeah, that’s going to be us… We’re gonna go all out for the holidays. One thing I hadn’t given much thought to was the wedding registry. That was, until I got a catalog in the mail from Bed Bath & Beyond… how did they know?! Well, needless to say, as I flipped through it, I caught the hypothetical fever. I’m not the girl that wants the crystal platter and vases. I would NEVER use them. I did find myself going goo goo over kitchen appliances that I probably would also never use though. You never know when you may need a battery operated self-twirling spaghetti fork (LAZINESS LEVEL 9000). No, but in all seriousness, isn’t it like a written rule that every girl needs one of those Gawgeous KitchenAid Stand mixers?! Yes. I believe so. I’m thinking I’m gonna go with a Target registry. Seems easiest. 

Well I think I’ve rambled on enough about my life. You know, I was stressing out about writing a blog post because I knew how long it had been. Sometimes I let myself get discouraged with a “lull in subscribers” and that causes me to not want to write. I was thinking about it this morning though and something occurred to me. I write this blog for me, because I love it. I don’t write it for anyone else. The day I stop loving it, is the day I stop writing it. No one would die if I stopped. I don’t even know if anyone else would miss it, but I know that I would. I love this blog. I love writing. I have no plans to stop writing it. I think that little break was exactly what I needed. Going forward I can’t promise a blog post every week and I can’t promise that I won’t write 4 blog posts in a week. Quality over quantity, ya know? I write what feels important. In a perfect world, I would write for a full time job, but it’s just not looking likely. I’m not giving up on it though, and I hope you don’t either.

Until next time… because there will most certainly be a next time 😉

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  1. Dave

    December 7, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    I hope you don’t stop Erin, because I love reading your blogs. By the way, your mom and I will be coming to your place next Christmas and we expect a delicious meal from that Kitchen Aid mixer 🙂

    • Chinups_and_Cupcakes

      December 8, 2015 at 6:55 pm

      I’m not going to stop, I love it too much. Okay, wait… You mean it’s not just a kitchen decoration? I actually have to use it? 😉

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